Ted Godfrey, PE, SECB

Principal | Structural Technical Lead | "HR Director"


Ted is the longest tenured team member of Studio NYL.  He has either led or had a hand in the majority of Studio NYL's signature projects.  He is able to easily shift from single family residential projects to some of the largest projects the office has undertaken.  Ted  coined one of the office slogans, "There is NO Box!", in rebellion to the idea of thinking outside the box.  He says, "As soon as you admit there is a box you have already constrained yourself and your creativity as designers should know no limits."


When not chained to his desk, Ted spends all his time with his lovely wife and three beautiful daughters, and occasionally, he gets to hang out with his friends .


Favorite projects:   480 Poplar, Cineteca Nacional, St. John's Alcuin Addition and Pod House

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