Taylor Maggert

BIM Modeler | Thermal Modeler



The perpetual student (the latest iteration being mechanical engineering), Taylor is always learning.  All his education leads to implementing new processes that increase quality and efficiency.  His twelve plus years in building information modeling has made him a stickler for modeling accuracy and precision.  You might find Taylor banging his head on the desk when a grid dimension comes out to 23/256th of an inch.


“Give me mountains, or give me death," would be Taylor's version of Patrick Henry's famous quote.  For Taylor, the mountains provide a distinct boundary and a sense of claustrophobia if you miss the potential of scaling over them or navigating their valley floors.  He encourages all to use the mountains to their advantage and explore.  It's not surprising that you'll find Taylor skiing on the winter snow and in the summer, rafting on the melted snow.


Favorite Projects:  255 Conundrum, 1460 Red Butte, Galvanize 2.0 and HUB.



Studio NYL Structural Engineers | Facade Designers, 2995 Baseline Road Suite 314, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 80303 P:+1.303.558.3145